Self Study Report Cycle-I

Dr.Revathi Constitutional Law −−
Dr.Prof KS Sarwani Phonetics-1 Phonetics-2
Dr.Balaji video1 Legal Education & ICT
Thiru.D.Jaisankar −− −−
Dr.Kumudha Rathna Law of Insurance Types of Contract
Dr.S.K. Ramani Social Status −−
Dr.J.Mahalakshmi ID Act (3) −−
Dr.R.Srinivasan ElectionLaw International Law & Human Rights
Thiru.P.Kannan −− −−
Dr.D.Bhuvaneswari Sources of International Law Custom as a source of International Law
Dr.R.Haritha Devi Company Law Competition Law intro
Dr.P.Balamurugan Workmen Under Industrial Disputes Act 1947 Industrial Dispute
Dr.Ranjit Oommen Abraham E-Commerce and consumer Protection Contemporary Challenges in IPR
Dr.S.Elumalai AI and its implications on Human Rights Importance of we the people of India
Dr.D.Kannan Principles of Fair Trial in a Criminal Justice System −−
Dr.P.Sakthivel Sources of international law Subjects of International law
Dr.S.Rajalakshmi Principles of Forensic Science Euthanasia & Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug
Dr.D.Umamaheswari Principles of Natural Justice Introduction to Legal Maxims
Dr. Mujahid Ul Islam Part I HR Lecture Part 2 HR Lecture
Dr.Lucky George Copyright Infringement in Cyberspace Patent Linkage Systems_ Enforcement of Patent through Drugs and Cosmetic Act
Dr.S.Manjula Changes effected by the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 −−
Dr.A.Vijayalakshmi Arrest and Detention Crime of Genocide_480p
Dr.P.Brinda General Defences- Law of Torts Section 5 of TP Act 1882
Dr.P.Vasantha Kumar −− −−
Dr.M.Sunil Gladson The concept of Moral Rights −−
Dr.J.M.Velmurugan Dividend Policy Financial Statments
Dr.M.Vidya −− −−
Dr.A.Senthilkumar Introduction to business communication Ethical communication
Thiru.P.J Yesu Nesa Joy Singh Cyberspace Virtual Currencies

Dr.K.Sangeetha Secularism and Laws in India Marine Debris
Mr.K.Palaniswamy Trial of Summons cases by Magistrates Difference between Culpable Homicide and Murder
Mr.HajaHassan Social Security legislations in India Introduction to Social securities
Ms.R Aarthi Rathna An Overview of Copyright Act,1957 −−
Ms.K.Divya Lecture On Latest Amendments To The Companies Act 2013 Lecture On Salient Features Of The Consumer Protection Act,2019
Ms.G.V. Mohana −− −−
Mrs.G.A Pethunachiyar Software Engineering Database Management Systems
Dr.B.Viswanathan Word Formation Communication Skills
Dr.M.D.Chinnu Relationship between Economics and Law principles of economics
Mr.S.Maruthavijayan Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Types of Organisational Motivation
Mrs.Pertilla Virginia Vincent Cyber Terrorism Holder and Holder in due course
Ms.K.Radhuka Geographical Indication its Registration and Post Registration Issues Genetically Modified Patenting
Ms.Suganya Jeba Human Rights Intro CrPC Bail
Mr.Jai Ganesh Doctrine of Eclipse- Article 13(1) Doctrine of Severability- Article 13(2)
Mr.Jeffery Andrew Trade Marks-A General Overview Feminist Jurisprudence
Mr.Rahul Reghu National Power State
Dr.R.Vadivel Raja Transformation of sentences Usage of the Preposition
Dr.M.Nirmal Kumar Relevance of Economics to Law Part 2 Market Structure
Dr.K.Pushpam Orgin of Sociology Socialization
Dr.R.Varalakshmi Open System Interconnection(OSI)Layers-PartI Open System Interconnection(OSI) Layers-Part II
Dr.A.Martina Marketing concept Application of internet to businesses
Dr.R.Deepalakshmi Object Oriented Programming in Java and Web Technology Information Security and Digital Forensics
Mrs. J. Blessie Ahino Introducing Delegated Legislation Payment of Bonus Act,1965
Dr.S.Thirumal Difference between E-Commerce and Traditional Commerce Objectives of Auditing
Mrs.C.R.Aishwarya Powers of a Director Enforcement of Security Interest

Dr.P.Manimozhi Marketing Concepts Module II Material Control
Ms.M.Belsyia Zero Fir Child Sexual Protection
Ms.D.P Haritha Srividhya Family Law IPR
Mr.A.C.Philip EIA Process Post Modernism_ Eco Criticism
Ms.S.Surthy Sowrnam Contract Law Hindu law
Mr.P.Velraj Elections Human Rights
Mr.S.Samuel Rajakumar Bar and Bench Relationship Complaint and FIR
Ms.Alamelu Company Law Environmental Law
Ms.R.Malarvizhi Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Performance Appraisal
Ms.S.Gayathri Cabinet Mission Plan Nehru Report 1928
Mr.N.Bhuvaneshwaran Public Interest Litigations −−
Ms.Arokia Sushma Functions of Reserve Bank of India −−
Mr.S.Ragothaman Sources of Law Competition Law
Ms.I.M. Malini Cybersquatting Parallel Imports
Geni Philipose Uberrimae Fidei −−
Ms.M.V.Arulmozhi Competition Act 2002 Principles of Insurance
Mr.K.Madhavan RDBMS concepts Types of Topology in computer network
Ms.M.Nirmala Political Science POLITICAL SCIENCE-OBS (1)